Publishing is one of the biggest industries, both in terms of volume of business as well as the number of people it employs. It caters to the needs of a wide variety of readers across the globe. Prominent positions offered by publishers include writer, editors, authors, graphic designers, proof readers, DTP operators, marketing and sales persons, etc.

Given below are the popular jobs associated with publishing industry.


To be a successful you need to study the prevailing trends in the media, different schools of thought, the policies of the newspapers/magazines management, the taste of their readers etc. It is obvious that incisive, timely, and thought-provoking articles and books arouse greater response and generate popularity. Once your name becomes popular you may even be invited to write on specific issues. Chances of your becoming a columnist are also there. When your contributions are published, payment is made by the corresponding publisher.

In the case of publishers of books and journals, you are given writing assignments in accordance with your academic background, interest and writing expertise.

A writer can get writing assignments from newspapers, magazines, publications, schools and institutions of higher learning. Such assignments may include articles or books based on topics ranging from politics and education to television and cinema.

One can also get projects for writing biographies and novels. As a writer you can write for -

• Publishing houses as an author
• Newspapers
• Feature magazines
• Websites (as a Content developer)
• Editorial consultants (as an editor)
• Advertising agencies (as a copy writer)

• Private individuals to write memoirs, biographies and novels.


To edit means to finally prepare a piece of writing, a book, etc. To be published by correcting the mistakes, making improvements to it, etc. Editing also refers to preparing a book to be published by collecting together and arranging pieces of writing by one or more authors for example, editing a book of essays. The task of an editor begins after the writer completes his/her piece of work.

You can consider taking up editing as a part-time job if you have the following skills:

• Proper knowledge of language
• Passion for reading
• A good eye for detail, grammar and spellings
• Ability to review, proofread and make changes to written work, if necessary


According to Judith Butcher, Caroline Drake and Maureen Leach, authors of "Butcher's Copy-Editing, "The main aims of copy editing are to remove any obstacles between the reader and what the author wants to convey and to find and solve any problems before the book goes to the typesetter, so that the production can go ahead without interruption or unnecessary expense."
Copy refers to written or typewritten text for typesetting, printing, or publication. Unlike general editing, copy editing often does not involve changing the substance of the text. The main job a copy editor is to correct and prepare a text for printing. Copy editing is done before proofreading, which is the last step in the editorial cycle.

Websites like www.mseditoronline.corn, and are engaged in online editing services. If you are a professional editor, you can register yourself on such websites.

Copy editing work is also assigned by individual authors/writers. In such cases the payments may not be that attractive as in other cases. And the flow of work may not be consistent.

Proof reading is one of the important, --------. Steps In the publishing process. It involves checking spaces, punctuation, spellings, alignment, type font and style, and such other details while comparing the final marked copy with the final trial ~--------~--~ print. It is different from editing .You can proofread a piece of writing either by marking corrections on the printed copy or do it right on the computer. You become more and more efficient as you develop and practice a systematic strategy to ensure that the text is error-free.


A DTP operator is a desktop publishing worker. DTP operators design and layout printed materials so as to make them legible and attractive. It is only after they present the data, textual and visual, using DTP software and photo-imaging software that it becomes suitable for printing and publishing. They may work in electronic and printed media.

A DTP operator is usually skilled in multiple computer design applications, such as Adobe CS, Pagemaker, Photoshop, Coral Draw, MS Word, Excel, & HTML and others. The role of a DTP operator is to translate art director's ideas and graphic designer's work into digital files. He/she produces publication-ready material by formatting typescript and graphic elements using computer software.

If you have the following skills, you can be a good DTP operator -

• Have excellent computer skills and knowledge of all the related computer programmes/applications
• Creativity
• Ability to meet deadlines and work well under pressure
• Passion for artistic work.
• Flexibility and adaptability to new creative briefs
• Ability to work methodically
• Ability to work independently as well as in a team
• Ability to follow a design brief accurately.
• Interest in keeping oneself uptodate with new technology.


Your hobby of creating cartoons can help you in getting a financially secure career. For those of you who have genuine interest and skills in creating cartoons, finding work in newspapers and magazines cannot be difficult. The cartoons on one hand add zing to the publication and on the other hand help increase their circulation. Both money and fame follows depending on your imagination, creativity and talent in your craft along with some experience.

Graphic designing is a mode of visual communication. A graphic designer creates graphics for print and electronic media and thus helps business organizations popularize their brands.
With growing need for promotion and advertising of products and services, the demand for quality graphic designers is ever increasing. The service of a graphic designer is a must to design a website and thus graphic designers with knowledge and experience of website design and animation are expected to be in greatest demand. This has been discussed in detail in the section named "website designer" under online jobs.