Modeling can be great fun and rewarding as a career option. If you think you too, or perhaps your partner, child, baby or pet, might be a suitable model than go forward for selection to appear in films, TV, fashion, promotions, advertisements and photographic modeling.


Models are usually involved in advertising and promoting fashion clothing, jewelry or accessories. They are also involved in posing for works of art.

For whom

To be a female model you need clear skin, good complexion, and lustrous hair, preferably with a height of about 5 feet 6 inches or more. For catwalk you need a minimum height of 5'8". In the modeling world, a tall and slim body is considered a better "hanger" for a designer's clothes, whether the model is on the ramp or in front of the camera.


For male models slim and a well-built proportioned body with a height of about 6 feet is the prerequisite. Besides this, for success a model needs latest hairdo, a bit of acting talent, and good posture. A smiling face, patience, presence of mind, a disciplined lifestyle and ability to withstand boredom and tiring work are also needed. For glamour modeling primarily you need just a figure that is in proportion. Though for potential models no age can be defined, preferred age for female models is between 14 to 22 and for male models between 16 to 24 years.


Where to find work

It depends on the type of modeling you want to do. You can work locally or travel across the country for shoots or abroad for campaigns or fashion shows.
Clients generally contact the modeling agencies for providing suitable models for their advertising campaigns. A model can be represented by several modeling agencies. These agencies act as a link between advertising clients on the one hand, and models on the other hand.


A word of caution: There is no surety that you will get work after you get in touch with a modeling agency. You should tread carefully on this path and before spending your time or money, verify the genuineness of the agency and go through all the requirements laid down by them.
Ultimately it is your commitment, dedication and presentation that matter as far as success is concerned.
Search for promotional modeling opportunities. Marketing companies hire part-time models to pitch their products and help place prospective models in various job openings.


For more information, contact your local modeling agencies. You can ask about part-time/full-time modeling opportunities within the agency. You can also attend an open call. An open call is a specific time that a modeling agency sets aside to meet new talent, who are allowed to just walk in without an appointment

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