The need for and importance of dance can very well be realized by thinking what it does for us. Dance involves a series of joyful movements and steps that are usually performed to music. Dancing caters to our needs such as ritual, recreational, social, therapeutic, romantic and creative. According to experts, dance helps you gain physical fitness, mental peace, inspiration, personal and cultural awareness, cooperation and politeness. It also stimulates brain functioning, improves your intelligence as well as academic performance. And above all, it helps us overcome bouts of depression and enables us to face the challenges that come our way in our day to day life.



Dance instructor requires a natural ability for dancing and verbal precision. This job carries with it the responsibility of training body, mind and spirit. It can be a perfect temporary job; offering cash, flexibility, and the possibility of permanent employment. There are adequate opportunities in creative dance and traditional folk dances.

Where to find work

You can provide teaching service, part-time or full-time, to the people in your neighbourhood; after-school programs, universities and institutions, dance festivals, in churches, cafeterias, gyms, ballrooms, classrooms, theatres, and dance studios.

Success Mantra

To be a successful dance teacher it is very important to enjoy dancing. You have to regularly practice and create dancing lessons as per the requirements of the person or occasion. Your self-confidence and belief in the value of dance will give you the inner strength to give your best to your pupils.