As the variety of medical tasks improves and the need per project improves, huge amount of certified employees will be needed to handle the market needs. The Clinical Research area will require the following experts in the near future.


India is becoming a hub for medical research; the need for experts in this area is expanding as well. Clinical research business in India will be more than $1 billion dollars by 2015. Thus, there will soon be a large need for scientific research experts, making it an interesting career option with large growth potential.


Clinical studies all set to become the next big thing in India. A popular with significant employees and cost benefits impact multinationals to set up research features here. Besides due to the occurrence of quite a variety of illnesses, such as extensive cases of cancer and diabetes India is considered the world over as the ideal location for scientific research tests for the drug market.


With functional players such as some of the top Indian Pharmaceutical companies, such as Ranbaxy, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Biocon, Dabur, Wockhard, Merck, Astra Zeneca, offers a plenty of job opportunities.



A bachelor’s degree in Science is compulsory. Any experts from CRO (Clinical Research Organisation), bio-tech, exercising physicians and fresh graduate students can apply.