What do you feel if your reporting manager is a younger person?

For me my perform is more essential, I don't hassle to whom I'm confirming to, whether he/she is young or mature than me. To me everybody is the workers so it will not impact my performance.
I would wish that my kids becomes like him, and accomplish greater roles in the ordered steps of the company at an age of him. Seriously discussing Age doesn't issue to me, I regard his place, his achievements and his effort to accomplish what he is right now.

I never sensed and experience about the age. Might be young, he may have more encounter than me or he might have appropriate and needed features for the publish.

Age as well as gender never comes in perform. I am not confirming to that young personal rather confirming to the worthy authority/position.

Younger or Older does not issue for me as far as we will continue to perform for the same objective. I take it more as operating in a group where there are individuals who are elder to me and others who are young. May be, the young personal is a mature professional by status and I have to review to him/her, but it doesn't hassle me at all.

The factor of significance is, he/she should be a sensible personal by personality and should be an excellent group participant.

Age and status are not connected. It is not necessary that a personal in greater place has to be elder. By benefit of his skills and certification he is placed above me. Hence, it is nothing uncommon to review to him. By all indicates he is my manager and hence I don't thoughts confirming him. I am confirming to a power which is commissioned to that personal and not a personal in particular.

It does not issue for me to review to a personal that is young to me. Infect I appreciate the organization and also experience extremely pleased to be in the organization which is really motivating the skilled individuals to protected a greater place. (Because the person is recognized with all his abilities and then given him obligations regardless of his age).

That’s the same what I anticipate age does not an issue to perform part in any of the situation rather than certification if he she certified we has to regard there designation yes its real.


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