What about the strong points and weak points of your boss.

My manager always recognizes organization's potential which is needed. But 7 days factor, Seeing the company, He has to destroy his wish, but sometimes he couldn't able to destroy all wish.

With regard to the professionalism, reliability, reliability my manager is Silent Brilliant, shift with the scenario, always helpful and never attempts his group participant. On individual front side a while he may not comprehend the issue and provides the challenging scenario.

Every person has both powerful factor and listlessness because no one is always ideal. The most powerful factor of my manager is his punctuality and maintaining dedication, also he is impressive, dynamic.
About the flaws I think I’m not in that place to assess him. For me he is outstanding and always I try to learn the outstanding features of him.

As a worker it’s my liability to preserve key details about my company, control, my "BOSS". Because I am still dealing with my manager so how I can tell you about the powerful factors and flaws of my manager, and sir you are also an opponent of my existing company, So please don't thoughts. I think am sincere worker of company, so please sorry me for this query.

Sir once I get this job I will be one of the worker to this company.
So it’s my liability to preserve the details regarding our company, manager, workers etc. If I tell these details I am not a loyalty individual.
So how can I response this query. Sorry sir.

As a worker it’s my liability to preserve key details about my company, control, my BOSS. And every individual has powerful and flaws, so I cannot factor out like this is powerful factor and this is poor point

I can say that my manager has excellent information about the company, a very permissive individual, start for recommendation and really proper take good care of his workers. He created sure that he discussed to his workers once in a while and requested not only about our proved helpful but other items too. As for his weak point I think I don't have a right to assess him as I don't have no concept how it seems like to be a manager yet. But regarding on how he manage his subordinate I can genuinely say that he do a fantastic job.

My manager is so assured and experienced too, his control over the topic is outstanding.

Honestly, Sorry Sir, I can't reveal these tricks, as my Boss is an Associate of my Organization and you are the qualified of it. With his choices and initiatives Organization doing well which shows in workers development. As per weak point is issue I did not discover any weak points on him and I think figuring out others weak point itself a big weak point.

Sir, everyone maintains their outstanding and bad factors and that creates them individual. Referring to outstanding factors, my manager maintains features like diligent, permissive and desperate to comprehend, and he assisted me to comprehend many factors. He distributed his wide encounter with us. Sir, I would not be the right individual to assess the adverse factors of my manager as I have never been to his footwear.


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