Turn Apprehension to Anticipation

As the interview comes nearer, you start to get more and more apprehensive. Your stress level goes up. The first thing that you should understand is that some level of stress is essential for you to perform. Psychologists call it eustress. Feeling a bit agitated and uncomfortable about the interview is perfectly normal and in fact helps you prepare well and be alert. However, if this exceeds certain level to a point that you start feeling apprehensive and things start to go out of your control, it is an indication that the stress has crossed the level of eustress and has now become distress.


When you are distressed you cannot understand the questions and answer well. Your perception becomes hazy. You may start to feel nervous, your palms may sweat, mouth may dry, heartbeat may increase, knees may tremble and you may experience "butterflies" in your stomach.


To make yourself calm and free of stress, here is what you should do:

Five Minutes to De-stress Yourself

Get your mind off yourself and concentrate on the other person. The more you are able to get your attention off yourself the more relaxed you would feel.

Start taking slow and deep breaths. In case you haven't noticed, your breath patterns change according to your mental states. When you feel agitated and angry you breathe fast and shallow. Similarly, when you are relaxed or calm you breathe slower. This means that somehow your breath follows your state of mind. What you have to do now is to just reverse the process. You have to change the breath pattern intentionally to make yourself calm.

• Start taking deep breaths.

• Fill your belly and chest with air and count till ten while doing so.

• Then exhale slowly while counting till ten.

• For the first few breaths concentrate on your feet and legs.


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