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Jobs are everywhere. It is not just a question of getting a job. Getting interviews are no good if jobs are time wasters. The real issue is getting the right job i.e. the job that fits you. So the first thing you should do is to ensure that it is a right job for you. In order to find out if it is right for you, you need to do a little research. You have to find out information about the particular organization and the position which you want to apply for. It is easy and it is essential.

When you want to invest your money in stocks, you do a lot of research finding out the prospects of future growth of the organization and the potential problems being faced by it. What you are going to do in a job is that you are going to invest your time. When you do so much research for the money

you want to invest you sure should do a lot more research before investing your time as time cannot be brought back. Moreover, your efforts result in other benefits also, which are as follows.

Benefits of Researching

If you do a little research on the organization and the position you wish to apply for you will not only be able to flatter the interviewer by showing that you are proactive and persistent but you will also be able to:

Decide which job is the right job for you. And if it is not, you save time and money by not applying for the   same.

Match your skills with the needs of the organization.

Customize your resume and cover letter for the job. Not just information about the jobs you've held in the past but also the most relevant accomplishments, skills and experience for the job in question.

Give impressive answers to questions like 'What do you know about our organization?' Or 'Why do you want to work for this organization?'

Ask the interviewer intelligent questions about the status of the company and the issues being currently faced by it. Get Selected at Job Interviews

Get an advantage over your co-applicants who are not doing such a research.


Mission Statement of the Organization

It summarizes the aims and aspirations of the organization. Carefully read the statement and filter out some keywords such as integrity, creativity, etc. Use these keywords in your resume and other employability documents.


Recent Developments or Current Issues being Faced by the Organization

• Is there a major layoff or a union problem?

• Is the CEO leaving the organization?

Future Prospects of the Organization

• Is the organization growing or is in the state of decline?

• Is its present position above or below the previous position?

• What is its ranking on major financial and business lists such as the Fortune 500 etc.?


Structure of the Organization

Study departmental diagrams and find out if this IS an organization with a loose, flat structure where most employees have the chance to make direct contributions to the strategy / decision making of the organisation or does it have a more rigid and hierarchical structure with layers of staff at different grades. (Which suits you?)

There was an organization named XYZ.It was a manufacturing concern with strength of 500 employees. It used to have 3 levels of management in its organization structure.

Three years ago it faced stiff competition. Due to the need to cut the operating costs, the organization decided to take out the section management tier. This resulted in Cell

Managers directly reporting to the Manufacturing Director. Now, whenever the post of Cell Manager is vacant, the workers on the shop floor directly report to the Manufacturing Director. The Manufacturing Director finds this situation difficult to deal with and you would definitely not like to hold such a position.


Business of the Organisation

• What is the main business of the organisation?

• What products or services it offers?

• Who are the main competitors of the organisation?

• How is the organisation's product different from those of its competitors?

• What is the attitude of the organisation towards its customers and employees?


Information to Collect While Researching a Position

• Job description of the position you are looking to fill.

• The type of skills the organisation is looking for in the person who would occupy that position. Requirements in terms of skills, education, personality traits and competencies?

• Is the position a new one or has been there for a long time?

• If it is not a new one then why did the person who occupied the position leave?

• Is the company looking for loyalty or risk taking?

In fact you should design a form wherein you can fill the information you collect about various organisation. This makes your research more organised, efficient and effective. For your ready reference one such format is given at the end of the chapter.


Sources to Research

Generally information on larger organizations  is available more easily than information on smaller organizations . However, it is not very difficult to find information about small companies. There are people who are gathering information about all sorts of companies and making a database which they make available for a fee. The major sources of information about organizations  are:


Annual Reports and Accounts

The annual reports and accounts consist of balance sheet, profit and loss account and chairperson's statement among other things. The first thing you must see is the chairperson's or the managing director's statement. This will give you an

Contains recent news releases about the organisation. Further, while exploring the website pay attention to both the content and the general overview of the site.

• Is it a dull and plain site or attractive and well planned?

• Is the information out of date or up to date?

• Is the design traditional or modern?

This would also give you an idea about the culture and attitude of the organisation and the people at the helm of affairs.

Other Web sites

Search sites which provide information on prices of shares and stocks and sites which provide news about organizations . This would give you an outsider's view of the organisation which is as important as the insider's view.

Ask the Company

Don't hesitate. Call the organisation and enquire about the aspects of the organisation you feel are important but you didn't find information on. Try to ask a person who is already working in a similar capacity in the company. All it would indicate is that you are a person with initiative. Don't forget to thank the person who gives you the information.

Public Libraries

Search their books, periodicals and databases.
Ask the Agency

In case you are being sent by a recruitment agency, the agency can act as a source of information about the organisation.

Ask those You Know

They may know the general area the company works in and the reputation the organisation commands.

Recent News Articles in Magazines and Newspapers

Look for articles about the organisation written by analysts.

All this will give you the basic understanding of the organisation and the position you wish to apply for. You would be better placed to decide if this job suits your inclinations, values, personality and skills. You should go ahead and apply for the job only if you think it is the right one for you.


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