Decide Accept or Decline and Withdraw

Once you have evaluated the various job offers you have, it's time to decide. Just make sure that before you accept an offer, you have double checked the terms of job offer with the interviewer. This will save you from any misunderstandings. It is even better to ask for the terms in writing to minimize the risk of miscommunication. For example just call the interviewer and say:

"Hello Mr Rajat, I'm Shanker. I just wanted to confirm and clarify a few things to see if we are on the same page. I will accept the position of Managing Director (Administration) of the Cement Division and would be paid ~ 300000 per month as the basic pay along with other benefits which include: a 4 bed room flat, a company car, insurance cover for me and my family and a personal secretary. I would start from January 31 this year and operate from the Head Office at Noida." Further, having terms in writing will help you in case you have some problems with the management or if the management changes as you would have some proof about the things you had been promised before accepting the job.

You should intimate the organisation of your acceptance in writing by sending a letter. Even if you have accepted a job over the phone, it's good manners to send a job acceptance letter to confirm the details of employment or to formally accept the job offer. Your letter of acceptance should contain the following:

• Thanks for the opportunity.

• Acceptance of the job offer.

• Terms and conditions of employment (employment package and any other promises etc.).

• Starting date of employment.

• Contact Information (although it is already there in your file with the employer).

• It should be brief and addressed to the person who offered you the position and not the interviewer (unless they happen to be the same person).

• Make sure that your letter is well written and does not contain typos or grammatical errors. Even though you already have been offered the job, you want to make sure all your correspondence is professional.

If you accept a particular job offer it automatically means that you would not be available for other jobs. These other jobs may fall in two categories:

1.Jobs for which you have received offers but did not choose to accept.

2. Jobs for which you are awaiting offers (after being interviewed).

Make sure that you write a letter to these organisations informing them about your decision. This is not only polite but would also brighten your chances if you need to re-apply to the same organisation in the future.

Send a letter to decline the job offer to organisations which have sent you job offers and a letter of withdrawal to organisations which have interviewed you but have not sent you a job offer yet (and have not made a hiring decision). Don't forget to mention the position you were considered for in these letters. Similarly, you should also inform the recruiters/recruitment agencies that assisted you in your job search that you have found a job.


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