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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Central Board of Secondary Education popularly known as C.B.S.E. is the central governing body for school education in India. It came to existence in 1952 and was reformed in 1962. As a result of this reconstitution, Delhi Board of Secondary Education was merged with Central Board of Secondary Education.

All the institutions affiliated to Delhi Board also became a part of the Central Board. All the schools located in Union Territory of Chandigarh, Andaman and Nicobar Island, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and now Jharkhand, Uttaranchal and Chhattisgarh have got affiliation with C.B.S.E. board.

In 1962 there were 309 schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education which was around 9000 in March, 2007. There are around 900 Kendriya Vidyalayas, 1800 Government Schools, 5800 Independent Schools, 500 Jawahar Novodaya Vidyalayas and 14 Central Tibetan Schools in March, 2007.

CBSE is a self-financing body which manages all its expenditure without taking any financial aid from Central government or any other source. The annual examination charges, affiliation fee, PMT admission fee, AIEEE and sale of Board’s publications constitute the source of income for Central Board of Secondary Education.

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